Why We Need Smartphone Voting

It should be obvious to most that If you take a village where half the people are non-aggressive type of people and the other half is on the aggressive side, and declare that decisions will be made by majority vote, it is inevitable that the aggressive side will take over the village. This is because aggressive people are willing to lie, cheat, steal, rig voting machines, and even murder, to obtain their objectives and the non-aggressive are not. This is why criminal gangs rule whole sections of cities and this is why all the victims of these gang mentalities need to help fight for smartphone voting.

When any organization of people is monolithic, it is controlled, because an organic collection of people will naturally be roughly divided into what might be described as masculine and feminine camps. Our ‘ruling’ class is just such a monolithic organization of aggressive people who seek to and succeed in ruling the non-aggressive masses.

Fortunately, by the grace of God (who knows?), us non-aggressive types, people who have a serious aversion to killing those who don’t agree with us and even seek to kill us, have been given the means to peacefully overcome the bullies in the village with the advent of smartphones and blockchain technology. It is now possible to institute a system of a TRUE DEMOCRACY, where everyone can submit a proposal and everyone can vote on every single proposed law, as easily as an online poll. However, contrary to our current winner-take-all system, I contend that the concept of majority rule be limited to a county by county basis, just like the decisions as to whether a county would allow the sale of alcohol. Realistically, local governance is the only way a world of diametrically diverse perspectives can live in harmony.

The reason localized governance is so critical is because of the existence of the dominance pyschosis. Just as it is inevitable that people who desperately want to rule will always dominate those who don’t, it is likewise inevitable that competing groups of dominance seeking groups will compete among themselves and ultimately, one dominance seeking group will dominate not just the meek, but also all the competing dominance seeking groups. And unless the meek implement an incorruptible true democracy implemented on a local governance premise, the world will eventually end up being a world where the few dominate the rest, as exemplified in the European Union, China, South America, et. al. Ironically, if smartphone voting is not limited to local governance, the world will still end up being ruled by a few dominance psychotics, under the guise of a one party state democracy, just as the United States and Russia are today, as the ruling class will just bribe and indoctrinate the masses and rig the voting machines.

The biggest problem with centralized power sought by our globalists rulers as the mechanism of their rule, is that aside from robbing the billions of self governance, it creates the ultimate ring of power, the ring to rule all other rings, as it were. And such a ring is then sought by the most capable of the most aggressive people on the planet. It is likewise inevitable that this ring of absolute centralized power will eventually be seized by the next Stalin.

The beauty of localized smartphone voting is that everyone gets what they want. California can choose to teach their kids that sex is a choice while Oklahomans can tell their kids that it is a biological reality, and both can be OK with the others conclusions. The important point is that the governed are governing themselves, but only themselves. In the end, by letting different perspectives exist, the world can sort itself out. Eventually, more misguided conclusions will fail and more astute conclusions will flourish, and together, the world can progress towards the more successful hypotheses. If instead we fail to implement a true democracy, the dominance psychotics will eventually take over the whole world and kill everyone who isn’t a clone or slave of the eventual future Stalin.

We need to fight for a truedemocracynow (dot com)!